In photos: There’s still time to visit the O˚C project! The exhibition with water as its central theme, runs until May 3rd showcasing bodies of work by Bruce Boyd and Tharien Smith.


Tucked away in a beautifully renovated building in Woodstock, is the charming gallery space, ‘flow’, which is currently exhibiting 0˚C, a collaborative project between photographer, Bruce Boyd and artist Tharien Smith.

The project is a photographic exploration of flowers, fynbos and natural objects encapsulated in ice. In 0˚C, ice is used as a medium to display the beauty of flowers; it is the first of a three-phase project that uses three phases  water, ice, stream as either filters, the medium or canvas for the display of the objects.

Both collaborators, Bruce Boyd, who is a self-taught freelance commercial photographer and Tharien Smith, an artist and graphic designer find it fascinating that ice has these preserving and archival properties which also enhance or distorts the beauty of the subjects: “For a few fleeting moments we are treated to this preserved beauty, the past encapsulated perfectly, before the ice melts and flowers wilt”

The gallery is also showcasing Boyd’s and Smith’s personal works on exhibition as well:

‘Rain’ is a compilation of photographic cityscapes from Bruce Boyd, that explores the “dream world” that reveals itself when the daily urban rush is transformed by winter storms in Cape Town CBD. This work reflects the ebb and flow of the human presence within the construct of a modern society while playing with the idea of fantasy and reality.

‘Azure’ is Tharien Smith’s journey into a mystical world where her series reflects the strange and beautiful realm defined by the hypnotic and surreal qualities of water with oil on canvas. The series follows the protagonist, “Shani” in an ethereal sphere, where she drifts between thresholds of child- and adulthood, dream and reality and light and dark.

The exhibition is on until May 3rd, so there’s still time to visit!
Gallery: 169 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

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