Aaron and Kat at Phlearn answers some of the top 10 questions they receive regarding camera settings.

If you have some questions about Camera Settings, this might be a good one to watch.  Aaron Nace and Kat Filipinas at Phlearn sat down to answer 10 of the most popular questions they receive regarding camera settings. They explain the difference between shooting JPEG and RAW, using Auto focus correctly and avoiding grain in your images.

Below you’ll find the answers to what they discuss, including where in the video you’ll find that section (in case you want to skip certain answers).

Answer 1: Metering modes 1:27
Answer 2: Bracketing 5:24
Answer 3: JPEG vs. RAW 9:11
Answer 4: ISO, SLR, and DSLR 13:39
Answer 5: In-camera light meter 21:42
Answer 6: Using auto focus the right way 24:42
Answer 7: Fixing a removed lowpass filter 27:47
Answer 8: Camera exposure 29:31
Answer 9: Avoiding grain in photos in terms of ISO 37:41
Answer 10: Back light illumination 41:00

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10 Questions Answered about Camera Settings

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