In this video, we join Chicago-based photographer Manuel Ortiz as he shares his favourite 10 tips on how to pose women.

Some of you might remember Chicago-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Manny Ortiz – we’ve shared some of his videos here on Orms Connect before. Well, we just came across one of Manny’s earlier videos that we thought might be helpful to some of you out there.

Watch as Manny shares a few helpful tips on how to pose women. As we said, this is one of his earlier videos, so not quite as visual as some of the others we’ve shared. Also worth noting, these are Manny’s tips, so it’s what he finds works for him. Naturally, we all have our own style or approach, however, if you are just starting out in portrait photography, you might find some of these very helpful. Not only in terms of the basic do’s and don’ts, but also with regards to little tricks that will help your subject feel their best.

Manny’s 10 Tips in short:
1. Focus on her favourite side (the side of her face or body she feels is her “best side”)
2. Shifting weight to the back leg.
3. Posture (No Slouching).
4. Posing legs when cropping the image.
5. Negative space.
6. Let the eyes follow the direction of the nose.
7. Don’t obscure the jawline.
8. Soft relaxed hands.
9. Building poses.
10. Give positive feedback.

Find more from Manny on his YouTube channel, it’s packed with excellent lighting tips and tutorials. You can also find more from him on his website or follow him on Instagram.