Becoming a successful photographer can seem like a completely daunting task, which is why Joel Grimes is here with his ten tips to achieving your dreams.

As a commercial advertising photographer with over 30 years experience, Joel Grimes knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in his field. While success is objective especially within the photographic world, being pointed in the direction of the path to achieving your artistic vision is always helpful and that’s exactly what Grimes does in his three-part video series.

This very helpful video series will help to guide you down the path to success with many great tips and tricks from how to get your first clients to how to build your own unique style. While there’s no substitute for talent, these are really honest and helpful pieces of advice from an industry professional.

Here are Grimes’s ten top tips for becoming a successful photographer:

  • Practice Your Craft More Than Your Competition
  • Build A Body of Work In a Series
  • Avoid Following The Latest Trends
  • Recognise That Not Everyone Is Going to Love Your Work
  • Persistence Will Win Over More Clients Than a Great Portfolio
  • Get Your Name Into the Brain of the Person You Want to Hire You
  • Human Behaviour is Very Predictable
  • Be Driven by the Passion For the Craft, Not How Significant Money You Can Make
  • Build a Trustworthy Brand
  • Set Your Sights On Achieving Something You Believe Is Beyond Your Reach

Be sure to watch his video series to truly understand how to implement and make the most from this valuable advice. You can find the video series as well as other interesting videos on Joel’s YouTube channel. While you’re there, why not hit that subscribe button and never miss an upload.