Fancy a bit of Street Photography? These Street Photography tips will help you up your game and overcome the fear, let’s take a look…

In this video, Kai Wong joined forces with photographer Joshua K Jackson and Craig Whitehead (a.k.a SixStreetUnder) to compile a list of 10 Street Photography tips that will help you improve your technique, confidence and hopefully inspire you to get out there and get shooting.

Their street photography tips in short:

Overcome the fear.
Upgrade skills, not gear.
Have your camera ready.
Remove technical distractions.
Tell a story.
Everyone shoots s*** shots.
Create your own luck.
Forget technical perfection.
Look for something new.
Minimal post-processing.

For those unfamiliar with Kai’s love-it or hate-it style, it’s a little tongue-in-cheek. After all, he is the guy that painted a Nikon DSLR pink and sent it back to them to test their after sales support (back in his DigitalRev days)…

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