A quick little video by the team at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) demonstrating 11 tips and tricks on to help you improve your drone photography.

With the help of photographer Lorenz Holder, Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) presents 11 simple tips and tricks on how to improve your drone photography. With a little creativity and some clever ideas, you can achieve unique perspectives that would not be possible with a normal camera. Get yourself a drone, take to the air and share the results with us on the links below! All photography was shot on the DJI Mavic Pro.

Watch as Lorenz demonstrates a few tips to enhance your images:

1. Flip the Perspective

2. Look for Symmetry

3. Find Dividing Lines

4. Capture Unique Patterns

5. Aerial Panorama

6. Find Contrasting Colours

7. Reinvent the Selfie

8. Look for Repetition

9. Shoot Abstract

10. Capture Shadows

11. Shoot the Horizon

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