Epic photos shot from the ground and air, documenting the beautiful vistas of the 2012 Wild Coast WildRun, taken by Nick Muzik.

Capetonian photographer Nick Muzik documented this year’s Wild Coast WildRun, and managed to shoot some truly epic photographs from the ground and from the air. In Nick’s own words:

“The Wild Coast WildRun is a three day trail running adventure that takes place in the Eastern Cape, from Kei Mouth to Hole in the Wall. The runners cover 120km across vast beaches, rivers and untouched wilderness. It’s a must do on any trail runner’s list! The race is limited to 160 runners over two departures. I documented the race on foot and by helicopter, carrying all the necessary gear I needed for the day, including a dry bag to get my gear across those rivers.”

For more information about the WildRun, visit their site. Below are some of Nick’s photos from the run. For more of his work, take a look at his site, or view the rest of the series here.

Photographs shared with permission.