Mind-blowing: Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov used face paint to create these unbelievable 2D portraits.

These face-painted portraits created by Russian photographerย Alexander Khokhlov can only be described as mind-blowing. We’ve featured some very creative portraiture series in the past, but Alexander’s execution and attention to detail is simply astounding.

Alexander Khokhlov 02

Is that a two-dimensional sketch, or a photograph? The fact that we’re asking ourselves this question is a testament to the technique of the photographer and the face-painting artist. Besides sketching, the portraits also mimic cubist paintings, pop art, watercolours, pixel art, and even Shepard Fairey’s “Hope” posters.

Update: Alexander has sent us a link to a behind-the-scenes teaser video for the series:

Here’s the rest of the incredible series – view more of Alexander’s other works on his website.

Alexander Khokhlov 03 Alexander Khokhlov 04 Alexander Khokhlov 05 Alexander Khokhlov 06 Alexander Khokhlov 07 Alexander Khokhlov 08 Alexander Khokhlov 09 Alexander Khokhlov 10Alexander Khokhlov 01

Photographs shared with permission.

PS. As it happens, Alexander isn’t the only Russian photographer that we’ve featured this week – take a look at the macro photographs of snowflakes byย Alexey Kljatov.


2D Or Not 2D By Alexander Khokhlov

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