Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography takes a look at the Nikon F3, 35mm film camera. Like the Pentax K1000, the Nikon F3 is simply a classic…

In today’s film photography post, we join Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography and as he takes a look at the Nikon F3, 35mm camera.  Like the Pentax K1000, the Nikon F3 is simply a classic. As far as 35mm photography goes, both the K1000 and the F3 would be fantastic options to get you started and shooting film.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for 35mm. It was introduced as an amateur format compared to 120 or 4×5 – the negative size is much smaller than other formats thus the resolution is lower. But what 35mm did was allow for a much more efficient and portable camera design. Photographers were suddenly able to take images that were previously impossible to make because of the size and speed that 35mm cameras allowed photographers to work. Today you can find 35mm for hardly anything, largely because they are no longer produced and the use market is so plentiful. Some of these cameras can be had at a mere fraction of what they cost when they were new years ago.” – Ted Forbes

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