Today we join New York-based photographer, Adam Lerner as he demonstrates 4 Ways to Trigger Off-Camera Flash.

Take your photography up a notch by using off-camera flash. Seems simple enough right? But how do you actually do it and is it going to be expensive? The answer is no, triggering your flash doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

“You get a much better look, a much better quality of light” That’s the message from New York-based photographer, Adam Lerner.  Adam is a Commercial Portrait and Fashion Photographer who shoots anything from Custom Motorcycle Builders and National Fashion Campaigns and CEOs.  In today’s video clip Adam demonstrates 4 Ways to Trigger Off-Camera Flash. With the use of a manual flash to keep things simple, Adam talks us through optical sync, pc-sync, infrared sync and radio sync. He goes into detail of each method, and demonstrates how easy they are to use.

This one is definitely worth a watch! You can catch up with more from Adam on his websiteTwitter or Facebook page.