British film maker, Simon Cade shares 50 Tips for Filmmakers – This includes plenty of general tips, but also some focusing on Lighting, Sound and business practice. Take a look…

Good morning, one and all! We are kicking off this week with 50 Tips for Filmmakers by the DSLRguide. Simon Cade, the host at DSLRguide, is a young filmmaker based in the UK with a YouTube channel packed with incredible film making tips.

Simon tells: “My journey as a filmmaker has been a constant realisation that there is a lot more to learn. From the early days of obsessing over equipment, then realising that lighting makes more of a difference than any camera or lens setup. Following that, I began to realise that even if the lighting looks amazing, that has no effect on whether it’s a good film or not. In the last year or so I almost completely flipped from being interested in the technical side to the creative side. Now I’m all about learning the meaning behind the choices we make in films, and using film as a method of communication.”

About his 50 tips for filmmakers, Simon continues: “This video is a culmination of my time as a filmmaker – little tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years, either from other filmmakers or through trial and error.  There are plenty of general tips but, also some focusing on Lighting, Sound and business practice.”

Get more film making tips by subscribing to Simon’s YouTube channel, the DSLRguide. You can also find him on any of the following channels: the BlogTwitter or Instagram.

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