In this episode, Aaron Nace from Phlearn demonstrates 6 ways to take better portraits with the use of a reflector. Let’s take a look…

In today’s episode, we join Aaron Nace at Phlearn as he shares 6 ways to take better portraits with reflectors. Basically, the job of a 5-in-1 Reflector is to give you a few different options to diffuse and bounce light. The inner surface of these reflectors is almost always a diffusion panel, meant to have light shine through the light before it hits your subject. The outer surfaces come in a variety of colors – usually, you will see gold, silver, white and black. Each of these will bounce light in their own way.

Now, just because there is a product for photographers called a “5-in-1 Reflector,” that doesn’t mean you can’t use anything else to reflect or bounce light. Aaron breaks down all the interesting ways you can use your 5-in-1 reflector. You’ll also notice that Aaron uses a studio light source in some of these examples, naturally, you don’t need an actual light for this, your light source could also be a window or the sun for example.

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