Photographer Nigel Danson gives you seven fundamental composition tips to improve your landscape photography.

Landscape photographer Nigel Danson has traveled around the world capturing breath-taking land and seascapes and knows a thing or two about the importance composition has in capturing that perfect moment.

In his latest YouTube video, Nigel breaks down all of his knowledge into 7 Simple Photo Composition Tips To Improve Your Photography.

1. Find a Composition
Nigel’s advice is to use the acronym he created: FLICS, which simply reminds you to look for Focus, Light, Interest, Corners, and Simplicity.

2. Find Patterns
Never underestimate the power of repetition. Patterns in your photographs help to guide the viewer’s eye as well as add power to your images.

3. Use Lines and Shapes
These help you to guide your viewers journey through your composition.

4. Move from 3D to 2D
Think about how the elements in your chosen scene can help you to convert your 3D vision into a 2D end product allowing your viewers to see what you saw.

5. Tell a Story
Your goal is or should be to tell the story of what you saw when you captured your image. Keep this in mind.

6. Use Negative Space
Good use of negative space allows your viewer’s eyes to take a rest while they’re on the visual journey you’re providing with your image.

7. Remove Any Distractions
This is your journey, think very carefully about what in your image will distract from your story and be sure to remove those.

Watch Nigel’s video for more in-depth tips and practical advice as he shows real examples for each of his seven fundamental tips using his own images.

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