Today from Peter McKinnon, 7 things every filmmaker should have in their kit!

Kicking off the week with another very informative video by Toronto-based photographer, Peter McKinnon. This time Peter shares 7 things that might not seem glamorous or high-tech, yet as he rightly states, these are items that are simply must haves in your kit. Not only do they make your life easier on a shoot, they will save you every time. As Peter says; “So many little handy things that don’t get showcased enough as they aren’t ‘the hottest’ or ‘latest and greatest’. I am positive if you guys invest in some of these items you will bet thinking the same VERY SOON!”

Let’s take a look! As always you can keep up with more Peter via his YouTube channel, be sure to click the subscribe button while you’re there. You can also follow him on TwitterInstagram or the Website. Go!