One for all the young vloggers and videographers out there! This video is a little goofy and super short, but might be just what you need to up your video game. Let’s take a look…

Watch as we join YouTuber and Music Video Director, CreativeRyanALT, as he shares a few cool video transitions that can be done with simple camera movements and editing techniques, piecing the clips together in motion blur or when something is covering the camera lens. As we said, these transition techniques can be used with vlogging, music videos and even commercials and more. It’s just easier when entering the editing process as well. Enjoy!

His transition tips in short:

  • The Cover Up
  • The Blur
  • Shove It
  • The Snap/Clap
  • Eat It
  • Earthquake
  • The Swipe
  • The Whip

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