Here’s the next instalment with 9 of our favourite SA Instagrammers we think are worth following! | Part 20

Instagram is probably the most important social media platform for photographers and visual artists, but obviously with the millions of users online it can get pretty overwhelming trying to find accounts that really speak to you and inspire you. So we decided to compile a list of our favourite SA Instagrammers for you to have a look at. Let us know what accounts you’re loving at the moment and they could be featured on our next round-up!

In no particular order:

Kent Andreasen aka @kentandreasen

Mário Macilau aka @mariomacilau

Jesse Navarre Vos aka @jessnavarrevos

Sharyn Hodges aka @sharynhodges

Matte Kay aka @mattkayphotography

Alet Pretorius aka @aletpretorius

Pieter Dannhauser aka @piedapiet

Michael Oliver Love aka @michaeloliverlove

Jeanne Gaigher aka @jangaigher

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9 Of Our Favourite SA Instagrammers

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