Here’s the next instalment with 9 of our favourite SA Instagrammers we think are worth following! | Part 23

Its a new year and we’re back with a new list of our 9 favourite SA Instagrammers this month. There’s no limit to kinds of Instagram accounts we love, from wildlife to fashion photography, let’s not even confine it to photography – if there’s an Instagram account out there you think is cool, we want to see it. Be sure to tag us in their images or use #ishootwithorms!

In no particular order:

Lukhanyo Mdingi aka @lukhanyomdingi

Dean Tucker aka @visualrev

Bryni aka @bryni

Kirsten Frost aka @kirstenfrostphotos

Jody Paulsen aka @jodypaulsen

Wales London aka @waleslondon

Chelsea Bartz aka @epitomeofadventure

Kirsten Mackrill aka @kirstenmakrill

Clive Lionel aka @young_stilo_

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