Orms Circle Artist, Tangerine Water, has been undergoing both conceptual and physical creative processes and journeys over the past two months. The body of work in progress is mixed media, focusing on the conceptual art, but including photographic, performance and sculpture elements, resulting in a fully immersed sensory experience.

Having spent some time in Japan earlier this year studying the dance technique ‘Butoh’, Tangerine brings this into her artistic work and daily routine – practicing in various locations around the city. ‘Butoh’ is essentially the refusal of all that is considered conventional – where most dance forms teach one to extend, point and elongate, ‘Butoh’ teaches one to flex and compress oneself.

Above: “Learning how to pray”. February 2019 Tokyo, Japan

Above: Taxi Rank 21 November 2019. Image taken by Saadiq Soeker.

“A brief note on Butoh: ‘We gain strength by stepping’, is what the ‘toh’ in Butoh means.

A brief note on Infrasound: Infrasound is sound below 20Hz, lower than humans can perceive. Even though it cannot be perceived, it can be felt. Low-frequency sound can induce feelings of fear, dread or even depression. Elephants in particular produce infrasound waves that travel through the ground and are sensed by other herds using their feet.

A brief note on the man under the bridge: He asked ‘what does a pregnant elephant do when it’s about to give birth?’ He asked again ‘Is this your first pregnancy?’ and then finally he asked ‘Do you believe in God. I answered ‘Yes, definitely’ and he said ‘God is real’.

love, Tangerine”