One of my favourite photographic projects, Vehicles by Ryan Schude captures the character of cars parked on the street.

Ryan Schude‘s “Vehicles” is one of my favourite photographic projects, and one that I’ve been following for the last few years. As Ryan drives around on his day-to-day errands or to-and-from other shoots, he always keeps an eye out for interesting cars. But the cars that interest him are not your typical European supercars… His subjects are often beat-up and rusted sedans, or old American cars, and sometimes even excessively modified pickup trucks. When he spots one, he gets out and shoots the vehicle’s portrait, typically straight from the side. Overall, the cars all seem to exhibit their own characters, and they make for a truly great photographic project.

For more photos, visit his Behance gallery or view his Flickr set.

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A Different Take On Automotive Photography

  1. I also see a pattern in the photos that he had taken. There is the focal point, which is the car, and the background leads the viewer to focus on the focal point and nothing else. The photos are taken uniquely, and they may have a story to tell. 😉

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