Australian photographer Alexia Sinclair shows off her brilliant attention to detail in her latest series of portraits, A Frozen Tale.

Alexia Sinclair is an Australian fine art photographer famous for her incredible attention to detail and post-production skills.

For her latest series, A Frozen Tale, Alexia travelled to Sweden and was lucky enough to shoot inside Skokloster Slott, a 17th century castle that’s been preserved in an untouched state. The location lends itself to a fantasy aesthetic, enhanced by Alexia’s styling and aforementioned post-production.

The project’s hero image, The Cabinets of Curiosity, is the only photo that was not shot entirely on location, as Alexia only visualised the image as they were packing up and leaving. Instead, the room was shot as a background plate, and the model photographed in studio. Thankfully, an impressive behind-the-scenes video was created, demonstrating the entire process.

See how the hero image came to be, including everything from setup, styling, shooting and editing:

The rest of the portraits are just as great, and were all photographed within the frozen castle. The entire shoot required over 40 cast and crew members to pull off!

If you enjoy these photos, be sure to view Alexia’s site for more of her work. The Cabinets of Curiosity is currently available for purchase, but only for the next three weeks, after which the edition is closed.

Alexia Sinclair 02 Alexia Sinclair 03 Alexia Sinclair 04 Alexia Sinclair 05 Alexia Sinclair 06 Alexia Sinclair 07 Alexia Sinclair 08 Alexia Sinclair 09

Photographs shared with permission. Via PetaPixel.

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A Frozen Tale: New Portraits By Alexia Sinclair

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