Hyper Drive Yurikamome is an awe-inspiring hyper-lapse that turns the Japanese monorail system into a roller-coaster ride.

We’re huge fans of time-lapse videos, and even more so when they are recorded from moving objects, creating hyper-lapse videos.

Hyper Drive Yurikamome was created by Tokyo-based videographer darwinfish105, and was shot using a camera pointed out of the front windows of a monorail car. To create the crucial sensation of speed, each time-lapse frame was shot at a shutter speed of 1 second, helped by an ND filter during the day. After taking all the shots, darwinfish105 rotated and mirrored the frames in various orientations to create the science-fiction-like roller-coaster effect. Word of advice, don’t watch this with the screen too close to your face!

The video reminds us of Daihei Shibata’s Shinkansen Ver.2, a film that is just as beautiful and groundbreaking today as it was when it came out three years ago.

Via PetaPixel.