Riette looks at the Hipstamatic photography app for iPhone, and shares some more macro and fisheye photos shot with the Olloclip.

One of our designers, Riette, has been spending some time with Hipstamatic, a photography app available on the iPhone. It differs from competitors like Instagram by setting the filter effect, via a selection of films and lenses, before you take the photograph.

We are all very familiar with Instagram, but Hipstamatic is an iPhone app which is really fun for everyone. Some of these apps and digital filters today make it too easy for anyone to fix a photo afterwards with filters, but Hipstamatic is bringing back a bit of the analogue! You have the plastic look of the user interface, and a bunch of lenses, film and flashes to choose from. More of these are also available to be bought in-app.

There is no post-editing, so what you capture, is what you get (unless of course you take it into another app, but that’s cheating). I found this app so fun and exciting. It manages to give one a little of that “surprise photo” feeling you get with a film camera.

Here’s some of the Hipstamatic film/lens combinations, and as a bonus we’ve also included some Instagram photos captured with the Olloclip 3-in-1 lens, available at Orms.

Sabre popping bubble wrap!

Various shots using the Olloclip’s Fisheye and Macro lenses:

Instagram panorama: