In Pictures: See the 2019 Met Gala through Frank Ocean’s eyes and Contax T3 compact camera

Equipped with the Contax T3 compact camera in hand, Frank Ocean attended and photographed this year’s Met Gala for Vogue. Let’s take a look at these insider shots of fashion’s most prestigious and glamourous event. Every year we see our favourite celebrities and Hollywood personalities on the red carpet but Frank’s point-and-shoot imagery gives us a real look at what goes on inside the gallery, from in-the-moment shots to outfit details, Frank gives us an intimate glimpse into the lifestyle beyond the red carpet.

Frank Ocean is by no means a newbie to point-and-shoot photography as he’s attended many a Met Gala with one in hand. However, this was the first year he was officially shooting. But let’s take a look at the camera that’s, as expected, become incredibly sought after since the Met according to Highsnobiety “In a sleek, titanium body that feels (somehow) weightless and substantial the T3 improved upon the lauded T2 with a 35mm f/2.8 Zeiss Sonnar lens and exposure compensation, a clear viewfinder, and a responsive focusing system that adds to the overall shooting experience. Averaging $1,600 resale, which is higher than the original sticker price, this 35mm camera is the envy of even the best digital versions”.