A few weeks ago we introduced our first weekly study sessions to dissect different forms of photography to engage our creative muscles whilst being home bound.

Orms and the Orms Cape Town School of Photography banded together and put out a call Instagram for submissions and were blown away by the submissions we received from our Photographic Community.

To find out more about our weekly Study Sessions and to join us find out more here.

Here is our third virtual exhibition in collaboration with The Orms Cape Town School of Photography, featuring the top 10 submissions for our third study sessions; The Art of Space.

The Winner of the Orms Print Room & Framing Photobook is Nastar Abdulla with this submission.

Find Nastar on Instagram @nastarabdulla

The Winner of the Orms Cape Town School of Photography 60 minute One-On-One Session is Lelie Hannam with this submission.

Find Lelie on Instagram @leliehannam.art

Our top 10 submissions in no particular order:

Find Pieter Bruwer on Instagram @pbphotography2003

Find Eva van Niekerk on Instagram @evaphotoriginal

Find Glenn Haggis on Instagram @glenn.haggis

Find Sebonelo Sibanyoni on Instagram @sebonelo

Find Joseph Baggott on Instagram @f_stop_joe

Find Cathy Xiao on Instagram @_cxvisuals

Find Ngwanya Mnxeba on Instagram @well_im_mylo

Find Angelique Lundberg on Instagram @angg.photography_

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