Mountain biking and snowboarding trick sequences captured in single images by German photographer Lars Scharl.

These crazy action sports photo sequences were taken and edited by German photographer Lars Scharl. The idea behind this type of photography is to capture all the intricate movements of a trick in one image.ย Lars explains:

“All-in-one, or sequence photos are often used to illustrate complex movements or tricks in action sports such as snowboarding, freeskiing and mountainbiking. As the tricks keep evolving and get more technical and complicated, this kind of photography provides a step-by step explanation of what the riders actually do while they’re airborne”

If you are interested to see how these photos were created, then you’ll be glad to know that Lars has written an in-depth description for each image! Read all about the photos on Behance, or ask Lars questions on Facebook.

Via PhotographyServed.

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons license.