Adobe has updated Photoshop Lightroom to version 4, featuring improved highlights and shadow recovery, etc.

Update: We’ll be receiving stock of the boxed upgrade and full versions next week, retailing at R945 and R1795 respectively.

Order Lightroom 4 on Orms Direct:
Upgrade: R945
Full: R1795

We’re huge fans of Photoshop Lightroom here at Orms Connect. Adobe’s batch-processing, RAW-developing and image-cataloguing software has just been updated it toΒ version 4.

New features include improved highlights and shadow recovery, a new map module for geolocation with GPS metadata, a white balance brush, and extended video support. You can now also use Lightroom 4 to create your own custom photo books, which should be compatible with the Pics2Book printing service if you export them as PDFs.

Roger de la Harpe from Africa Imagery has had a chance to test it out:

“I have been playing with Lightroom 4 ever since they launched Lightroom 4 Beta and I have to say there are some awesome new features to it. There is now a Map Module where you can easily geotag you images (including from a GPS track log) and the new Develop Module with it’s additional sliders and functionality is a winner. You can also create ebooks directly from Lightroom.”

Here’s a video covering the new features:

We’ll know more about the local pricing and availability info of the boxed version later this week, but right now you can download a trial version of the software from Adobe’s website.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Released

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