Impressive and strange architecture in Astana, the 14-year-old capital city of Kazakhstan, photographed by Fabrice Fouillet.

These architectural photographs of the developing city of Astana were taken by French photographer Fabrice Fouillet.

Astana became the new capital of Kazakhstan in 1998, replacing the previous capital city of Almaty. The new city has been developed to be a symbol of a new start in the Post-Soviet era, and features some very impressive and very strange architecture. Fabrice explains:

“If architecture generally bears the signs of a particular culture, the face of the new capital city is also one of power and, on a symbolic level, of a new political orientation. The new official buildings are sometimes colossal, bordering on disproportion, the skeletons of ill-assorted buildings rise from this suburban-like area, which vacillates between authenticity and artifice, between materiality and imagination tinged with utopia.”

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