International wedding photographer, Jasmine Star shares some insight into the art of pricing your photographic services and how to market the benefits of your unique services.


Most photographers have the struggle with pricing their photographic services at some point or another. Are you aiming too high, or are your prices simply too low? And how do you figure all of that out? Enter international wedding photographer, Jasmine Star; “When a client decides to work with someone else (or buy someone else’s product), it stings, but nothing hurts as much as when a prospective client says you’re too expensive. It feels like you’re business isn’t worth what you’re charging, and you immediately second-guessing your prices. Here’s the ironic part: I lost the most clients when my prices were at their CHEAPEST.”

She continues; “When I focused on marketing the benefits of my services (and not just my services themselves), clients began booking with ease. Even as I raised my prices, the bookings increased. This video explains how I made it happen and the things you can implement in your business to explain the benefits of your products or services.”

Jasmine has photographed hundreds of weddings, traveled the world to document nuptials and voted one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo Magazine. No wonder we’ve shared some of her video’s in the past. Find more from Jasmine on her blog, she also has a YouTube channel and a huge following on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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