In this quick demonstration, Tony Northrup explains back-button focus and why it can mean the difference between getting or missing a shot.


Back-button focus is a feature that’s often overlooked, if you know how to use it (and when to use it), it could mean be the difference between getting the shot, or not getting it. So what is back-button focus? It’s really simple, usually, the camera focuses when the shutter button is pressed halfway down. So when you press the button down fully, it takes the picture.  Back button autofocus makes it so the shutter button doesn’t control the focus activation at all, instead, it assigns another button on the back of the camera to activate focusing on the camera. Knowing how to use back-button focus can help you to take pictures faster and help you be more accurate with your shots.

In this video, Tony from Tony & Chelsea Northrup explains back-button focus in a little more detail and demonstrates how it works. Watch more from Tony & Chelsea Northrup on their YouTube channel, check out their video books here or follow them on any of their social channels: TwitterFacebook or Instagram.


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