Watch this awesome GoPro video featuring local surfer Tanika Hoffman, filmed by Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange.

This teaser video for the upcoming JBay Winter Fest showcases one of the most innovative uses of a GoPro that we’ve seen – a spinning head-mounted rig which allows for 360º wrap around shots – incredible!

The video was filmed in Cape Town by Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange, and features local surfer Tanika Hoffman as she’s preparing for the JBay Winter Fest, a multi-discipliary sporting event which is aiming to “take it back to the core.” The unique shots were achieved by mounting two GoPro Hero3s on a custom built rotating rig:


Directed by Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange
Produced by Silver Bullet Productions
Cast: Tanika Hoffman

‘Baby Shoes’
Written by Jay Bones
Performed by Gil Hockman & Shotgun Tori
Recorded by Michael Wright at Glory Vale Studios
Guitar by Julian Redpath
Remixed by Kidu & Klein Baas


Back To Core Featuring Tanika Hoffman

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