How to backup your photographic data: This is the non-glamorous part of photography. But it’s essential!

We so easily get comfortable, maybe a bit lazy about backing up our photographic data (or any data for that matter).  We all hear about drives failing but often think it’s not going to happen to you, what if it does?  What if your hard drive fails out of the blue, or gets stolen and that was the only copy of your work?

“Save often, save a lot!” That’s the message from New York-based photographer, Adam Lerner.  Adam is a Commercial Portrait and Fashion Photographer who shoots anything from Custom Motorcycle Builders and National Fashion Campaigns and CEOs.  In today’s video clip he gives a few handy tips on how to properly backup your data, how often you need to do it and how many copies you should keep.

This one is definitely worth a watch! You can catch up with more from Adam on his website, Twitter or Facebook page.

If you’ve had an unfortunate experience when it comes to losing your data please share it with us in the comment section below!  Maybe you even have a tip or two to share with us?

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