Beautiful photos taken by Durban-based photographer Kevin Sawyer while hiking and camping in the Drakensberg.

Durban-based photographer Kevin Sawyer shared these great photos of his recent hike in the Drakensberg with us.

Kevin Sawyer 03

Kevin writes: “Adventure and exploring is my passion, and I will take every opportunity to experience new things! My good friend and adventure buddy Warrick Mac Nicol has been amped for a hike in the Drakensberg for ages, so we got together and planned a fun one we could do with friends. We planned a very scenic route of approximately 26 km in total. We hiked from Monks Cowl to Intunja (also known as gatberg). We headed out from Monk’s Cowl parking area at about 9:00 PM on Friday evening, reaching breakfast stream at the top of the Sphinx at about 11:00 PM where we camped on the first night, Being at the top of the Sphinx, our altitude was high enough for us to wake up above the clouds on day 2 with an epic view across the mountain range…”

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“On day 2 we hiked to Intunja which was approximately 10km from our camp, we arrived at the foot hills of Intunja quite early into the day with the plan to summit Intunja, but we decided to cut the day short and appreciate mother nature. We relaxed the whole day and made camp for the second night with an incredibly sunset over Champaign Castle and Intunja. It was a perfect clear still night and as the temperature dropped and it got darker we lay star gazing  in the night. On day 3 we woke early to another perfect day of blue skies, we packed camp and headed off early back to Monk’s Cowl before the heat of the day.”

Here’s some more of the photos. Be sure to follow Kevin on Facebook and Twitter for more of his work.

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Photographs shared with permission.