In this episode from The Artist Report, the team interviews UK-based destination photographer Ann-Kathrin Koch. Watch as she talks about how she got started as a destination wedding photographer and shares some fantastic tips on how you can do the same.

We are back with another super interesting episode by The Artist Report, if you are looking to make your way in wedding photography this is another great one to watch. As you might already know, Breadon partnered with Richard Photo Lab in Vegas at the WPPI conference and filmed all the talks at their booth. They’re packed full of valuable info surrounding photography and the business of photography, hopefully, you take away insights you can apply to your own business.

The interviews are hosted by Elan Cohen from Richard Photo Lab and this episode is with Destination Photographer, Ann-Kathrin Koch.

When Ann-Kathrin Koch left her career as a film editor working in advertising & television to pursue photography, she was armed with the knowledge of how to tell a visual story—using movement to create continuity, choosing the right shot for the right moment, etc. The stories she tells now aren’t of big brands and famous actors, but two people in a single frame. And every frame is a story that matters to someone. Ann says being a destination wedding photographer is the best job she can imagine—every year, she travels tens of thousands of miles through over a dozen countries to document people experiencing the best day of their lives with their closest family & friends.

Watch as Ann-Kathrin talks about how she shot started as a destination wedding photographer and shares some top tips on how you can do the same.

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