“Belly Of The Beast”: A beautiful and inspiring short film by Rob Norton featuring Australian street photographer Markus Andersen.

If you are on the lookout for something to breathe new life and creativity into your photography with this amazingly beautiful and engaging short film might just do the trick.

Using Sydney, Australia (or as he calls it; “belly of the beast”) as his canvas Markus Andersen documents his surroundings on 35mm, 120, Polaroid film and his iPhone. In his documentary, street and conceptual bodies of work Markus seeks out not only cool, but great images.  Rob Norton compiled this beautiful short film giving us a glimpse into Markus’ creativity, passion for photography and the thoughts behind his work.

Markus’ work has been exhibited in New York, Paris, Istanbul, Toronto, Sydney and the United Kingdom.  You can also visit his website for more information or follow him on Instagram.

I hope this motivates you to go out there and be inspired. Tell us what you think in the comments below!