If you are a keen black and white shooter this one is definitely for you, today we look at 9 tips and techniques that will improve your black and white photography. Let’s take a look…

Black and White photography has been around for something like 200 years and despite the huge popularity of colour, black and white definitely still has its place in the world of art. There’s a certain timeless quality to black and white images. But it’s about more than just simply slapping a black and white filter over your image, or converting it in Lightroom. Shooting in black and white also means you have to think in black and white. It means instead of thinking in colour and shooting accordingly, you need to think about other aspects of the image to make it stand out, let’s say for example; shape, tones and shadows.

In this video, we join UK-based photographer James Windsor as he explains and shares 9 tips that will make your images stand out. As James says; “These days, colour is the default from the casual smartphone shooter to the professional photographer with the high-spec DSLR. Black and white has become a filter, an afterthought, a way of ‘rescuing’ problematic shots. But black and white is more than an editing technique, it’s a completely different way of working. A completely different photographic language. Making the conscious choice to create black and white photography will help you develop your visual senses and force you to see the world differently. In this video, I run through 9 tips and techniques to help you develop your black and white photography. – James

If you’d like to see more from James we recommend you head over to his website, some spectacular work there. You can also find more from him on YouTube here.

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9 Tips for Better Black and White Photos

  1. Very well. The points about shadows and negative space are great because I think in black and white photography, more than the object it is the background and shadows you must focus on. Great stuff.

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