Tutorial: A few quick tips on how to mastering monochrome mode, by Emma Desira and Canon Australia.


In this video, Emma Desira from Canon Australia shares a few tips on Mastering Monochrome Mode in your Canon camera. You can shoot almost anything in black and white, but it’s particularly good for subjects like architecture and portraits. Lets take a look…

A few things to keep in mind when shooting in Black and White:

1. Shooting black and white can help direct the viewer’s attention to your subject.
2. Select Monochrome Picture Style to shoot black and white in camera.
3. Try to capture detail in your highlight and shadow areas.
4. Increase contrast in your camera to create a greater tonal range.
5. Set the camera to shoot in both RAW and Jpeg for greater editing flexibility.
6. Shadows, patterns and textures can create interest in the frame.
7. Pay attention to the details.

For more Photography 101 tips, you can follow Canon Australia on their YouTube channel here.