A collection of eight photography blogs maintained by up-and-coming photographers, students, or enthusiasts.

Here’s a collection of local photography blogs to add to your bookmarks folder. Most of these blogs belong to up-and-coming photographers, students, or enthusiasts, but the blog posts don’t necessarily showcase their commercial work – rather, they generally consist of the little snapshots capturing the experiences shared with friends and family. Which is something all of us can admire.

You’ll also notice that a lot of the photographs are shot on film. It seems as if film is being revived as the medium of choice for personal work or snapshots – share your thoughts on this in the comments!

Thomas Pepler



Adriaan Louw



Alexia Webster



John Second



Jane Paterson



Megan Mitchell



Luca Vincenzo



Alix-Rose Cowie


This is just a small selection of great South African photoblogs – if you have stumbled across any other amazing blogs, please share them in the comments!


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  1. It is amazing to see such great work. I liked this post very much and I would like to encourage everyone to post more of their work of this sort. Photography is never so easy, as it comes from one’s inner self. I would like to share a quote here:
    “I never question what to do, it tells me what to do.  The photographs make themselves with my help.”

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