Bored with Photography or filmmaking? Watch as Peter McKinnon shares a few tips to get you out of that creative rut and back out there shooting! Let’s take a look…

Ever find yourself in a creative rut? Maybe just bored with what you’re shooting? Well, it happens to most of us, especially if you shoot a fair amount of something, let’s say portraits or weddings for example. It’s really easy to almost find a specific style or “groove” and the next thing you know, you’ve been shooting the same thing, in the same old way, for months on end.

In this video, we join Peter McKinnon as he shares a few tips to help you break out of the boredom and reinvigorate your passion for photography and/or filmmaking. If you enjoy what you’re doing, keep pushing yourself and your creative boundaries, it reflects in your work. So let’s get you out of the rut and back out there!

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