Print Room & Framing Inspiration: Graphic design student, Natalie Ransome, brings her portfolio vision to life with Orms Print Room & Framing

Its that time of the year again, students are finishing up their year’s work and rushing to get their portfolios done on time. But in the stress of it all, it’s easy to settle for a vision you didn’t originally plan on due to printing limitations and time constraints. Orms Print Room & Framing understand the pressure students are under at this time of year and pride ourselves on being as supportive and accommodating as we can be.

Read as Natalie Ransome takes us through her vision and how Orms Print Room & Framing brought it to life…

“Hi there, I am Natalie Ransome, an all-round creative specializing in branding and packaging. My fascination with the dynamic relationship between strategy and creativity is where I found my passion for branding, packaging as well as illustration. I aim to capture a brand’s core essence by telling their story through vibrant packaging that creates balance between chaos and simplicity. 

For my portfolio, I wanted to visually convey my strategic side and my creative side in a way that compliments each other in order to symbolise how well these two elements work together. The result was that I juxtaposed clean-cut, geometric pages with vibrant colourful, organic patterns that I incorporate into my work.

Initially, I thought that my concept might not be able to be executed due to the front cover being cut diagonally, as well as my other pages. However, this was all made possible with the help and assistance of the amazing team at Orms!

From start to finish, they made me feel so positive and confident about my portfolio and made sure that everything was perfect. An exceptional woman called Renate especially helped me as her professionalism and expertise ensured that my portfolio was produced at the highest quality possible. When I received my portfolio, I was overwhelmed at the capabilities and possibilities that Orms offered me. I highly recommend Orms to anyone who is looking to produce exceptional and unique high quality work, you will not be disappointed, trust me!”

To all students out there, don’t forget we offer student discounts when you bring in your student card!

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