There’s something different about these creative Burning Man photos, captured by French photographer Victor Habchy.

These aren’t your ordinary documentary-style Burning Man photos. Paris-based photographer Victor Habchy attended the famous festival for the first time this year, and left with these incredibly artistic images.

By simply changing his perspective or waiting for the right moment, Victor manages to capture an even more imaginary version of what is already a very expressive event. He says: “I read a lot about it, trying to figure out how it could be. How can I be prepared to spend a week with no electricity, sleeping on a small tent at 40ยฐC, with a much reduced amount of water and food? But as soon as I arrived, I understood you canโ€™t really get prepared to this simply because you just donโ€™t know it. Then I figured out they were actually no preparation you should follow; all you need is to let it go.”

Here’s a small selection of his entire Burning Man series – view the rest of the photos on Behance.

victor-habchy-02 victor-habchy-03 victor-habchy-04 victor-habchy-05 victor-habchy-06 victor-habchy-07

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.

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