Learn more about the technologies inside your Canon EF lenses in this great overview video!

In celebration of making their 100,000,000th EF lens in 2014, Canon has released a great overview video of the technologies featured in their lenses.

Reading the spec sheets of Canon EF lenses, you’ll see terms like “Flourite Elements”, “Diffractive Optics”, “STM” and more. But what do these terms mean, and how do the technologies improve your images? Watch the video to learn more about Canon’s optical designs, focussing motors and lens coatings.

Ps. Not a Canon shooter? The video is still worth a watch, as many of the technologies are also available in other manufacturer’s lenses, including Nikon’s new “Phase Fresnel” tech, which is similar to Canon’s diffractive optics.

Via PetaPixel and The Digital Picture.

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