CES 2015: New DJI Inspire 1 stabilised camera mount, Ronin thumb controller and new Sony A7 and GoPro Hero4 gimbals!

Earlier this week, DJI introduced a few new accessories at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s a quick look at these new products, as photographed by DJI themselves at their booth.

First up, they introduced a handheld mount for the DJI Inspire 1 camera and gimbal, which usually mounts to the Inspire 1 quadcopter that was announced last year. The handheld mount allows you to swap between aerial and ground shots by removing the camera and gimbal from the drone and mounting it to the grip, allowing you the flexibility to record stabilised 4K footage in almost any situation. As with the drone, you can also add a smart device to act as your viewfinder.

DJI also announced a new wireless thumb controller for the DJI Ronin, which means that one operator will be able to control both the position and tracking of the camera, as opposed to two before. The controller allows you to adjust the pan, tilt and roll of the stabilised camera with a thumb pad and an OLED display.


Finally, they also revealed a new 3-axis gimbal for mounting Sony A7 series cameras to their professional quadcopters, and the H4-3D gimbal for mounting GoPro Hero4 series cameras to the Phantom 2 quadcopter.