In this video, we join UK-based photographer James Popsys as he explains how to choose the correct aperture for your image. Let’s take a look…

Some of you might remember James from one or two previous posts, or maybe you’ve come across his channel on YouTube where he shares some lighthearted photography tips and tutorials.

Today, however, James sits down to talk Aperture. Starting to understand Aperture, what it means and the effect it has on your image is certainly exciting. Suddenly an entire world of possibility opens up! But as he rightly states; “Learning about aperture is exciting when you start out in photography. But many people choose less than optimal apertures for their shots when they’re just starting out. This video explains why it’s not always ideal to shoot with your lens wide open, or with a really small aperture either, and why you should compose all of your shots from an aperture like F8, and go from there! – James

As we’ve mentioned, James has a fairly new YouTube channel, so if you liked this video head on over and check it out. Alternatively, you can also follow him on the website or Instagram.

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