BJ & Richeille Formento’s portraiture project Circumstance is a “tragic yet romantic, cinematic portrayal of a depressing time.”

Circumstance is a massive collection of amazing portraits taken by husband and wife duo BJ and Richeille Formento. Perhaps they explain it best in their own words:

“The world is full of fictional characters looking for their stories.” – Diane Arbus

In wake of the recent economic slump, husband and wife team BJ and Richeille Formento, took an exciting turn with their most personal collection of photography to date. “Circumstance” is their tragic yet romantic, cinematic portrayal of a depressing time. The project is both ironic and haunting, exploring issues of identity and the transient state of people and places in one moment of decision (or utter lack there of).

We hope that you may see with your own eyes the paradox of tragic beauty tangled in webs of domestic abuse, mental illness and homelessness. In documenting the in-between moments, the unspoken for thoughts and tension, we seek to challenge stereotypical portraits of feminine identity that perpetuate destruction of a healthy sense of Self.

The photographs below are just a small selection from the vast collection – this is truly a project of epic proportions! You can view the entire collection to date on one page here.

Via PhotographyServed.

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons license.

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Circumstance By BJ And Richeille Formento

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