Wondering what Casey Neistat will get up to next? Well, it seems CNN will be bringing in the social media app Beme to cultivate a millennial audience.


Much to many people’s disappointment, YouTube sensation, Casey Neistat announced the end of his daily vlog about a week ago. Finally, we know why: his app, Beme and it’s 11 person team, has been acquired by CNN. According to The Wall Street Journal, the deal is valued at about $25 million.

It sounds like Beme itself will be going away, however the team, led by Neistat, will create a new project to attract his online followers to the media company. “Casey has tapped into nearly six million really powerful viewers, most of which do not tune into CNN,” the global head of CNN Digital told The New York Times. “To build this audience authentically, we believe we need to build something new.”

It sounds like the project will resemble something similar to Great Big Story and is slated to launch around summer 2017. Neistat will have full creative control to build a separate company that lets the audience share “timely and topical videos” and start conversations around current events.

If you are interested, you can read more on this over at The New York Times.

[Shared via The Wall Street Journal & The New York Times.]


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