Do It Yourself with Orms Print Room & Framing:

Complete your festive dinner decorations with a photographic collage table runner printed onto canvas!

What you need:

  • A selection of photos.
  • Artgrip available at Superbalist – available in 297mm, 420mm, 594 mm (available in black & neutral).


What to do:

  • Measure your table to make sure you print your runner big and long enough.
  • Visit Orms Print Room & Framing and give your photos to one of our designers to turn into a collage for you (if you are not able to do so yourself).
  • Ask for your runner to be printed onto standard canvas.
  • Clip your Artgrip on either end of the table runner as weights to hold it down.


Tips and tricks:

  • For a quick alternative, you can print a bunch of photos at our minilab and stick them together to form a table runner.
  • The standard canvas is not machine washable but you can wipe it with a soapy cloth.