Mid-week visual inspiration: Bright and vivid long-exposure seascapes taken by South African photographer Darryn Kemper.

Darryn Kemper is a South African photographer based in Durban, who specialises in capturing dramatic long-exposure seascapes.

Darryn writes: “I live in Durban, but I have been fortunate enough to do a bit of travelling along the garden route and to Cape Town. I am self-taught and extremely passionate about landscape photography, especially seascapes as you can see from my photos.”

If you’re interested in experimenting with long-exposure seascapes, be sure to read our guide to neutral density, or ND, filters.

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Darryn Kemper 02 Darryn Kemper 03 Darryn Kemper 04 Darryn Kemper 05 Darryn Kemper 06 Darryn Kemper 07 Darryn Kemper 08 Darryn Kemper 09 Darryn Kemper 10 Darryn Kemper 11

Photographs shared with permission.