This week we’re giving away three BlackRapid SnapR camera bags and one BlackRapid R-Strap camera strap – Four winners!

Update Friday 18 May 2012 16:01: And the winners are…

Mark Cyrus, Sam W, Fiela Jonck, Matt Arderne and Luc le Grange!

Hope you guys enjoy your BlackRapid bags/straps! Thanks to all the other comments and entries – keep an eye out for next month’s giveaway on Facebook and Twitter.

Update Friday 18 May 2012 14:48: The competition is now closed! Thanks for all the entries! The winners will be announced this afternoon.

Hi everyone, this month we’ve got FOUR prizes to give away to our lucky fans! Up for grabs are three BlackRapid SnapR camera bags with sling straps, and one BlackRapid R-Strap Limited Edition sling camera strap.

BlackRapid’s mission is to make the world’s fastest camera strap, and we think they’ve succeeded. The difference between a regular camera strap, and BlackRapid’s R-Straps, is the way they act more like slings for your camera. By having the camera on a slider, you have faster access to your camera while keeping it secured to your body.

Recently launched, the BlackRapid SnapR camera bags offer the convenience, speed and security of their R-Straps for compact camera users. Take a look at the video below to see them in action.

We’ve got three various sizes of SnapRs give away this month – the 10 will fit most point-and-shoots, while the 20 and 35 offer a bit more space for rangefinders, small interchangeable lens cameras and other compacts. For DSLR users, we also have the R-Strap Limited Edition to give away, which is modelled on the RS-Sport.

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How to enter:
Make sure that you have liked our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, and then leave a comment on this blog post, answering the following question, and please remember to state which SnapR or R-Strap you would prefer.

“What is your favourite feature of BlackRapid’s products?”


  1. The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 or older.
  2. The winner will be selected randomly, and will need to be a fan of Orms Direct on Facebook or follow @OrmsDirect on Twitter.
  3. Only one comment/entry per person will count. If you leave more than one comment, it will only count as one entry.
  4. We can not guarantee that you will receive the BlackRapid SnapR or R-Strap that you prefer. No exchanges or returns available – the prize is awarded as is.
  5. Competition closes Friday 18 May 2012 at 12:00 PM.

Please note: We make use of to randomly generate a number corresponding to the eventual winner’s comment. We run the number generator once – the first number is the winner. All comments get checked for duplicates first and each valid entry gets a number assigned to it. The nature of this random system ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning, which is very important to us. If you post under an anonymous nickname, we will attempt to maintain your anonymity.

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Connect Giveaway: BlackRapid Camera Straps

  1. What I LOVE about the R-Strap is not only is it a limited edition, but you have faster access to your camera while keeping it SECURED to your body.

  2. My favourite feature of BlackRapid’s products is that by having the camera on a slider, I have faster access to my camera while keeping it secured to my body especially when you are on a photo trip somewhere in the bush, veld or town.

  3. The whole idea to have instant and secure access to your camera makes me excited.  Easier and safer to get that shot you would have missed.  Just love it.

  4. My favourite feature of BlackRapid’s products is SPEED from the sliding system. I would prefer BlackRapid SnapR camera bags with sling straps.

  5. RS-Sport – I just love the whole system, have been reading reviews for months now on how happy people are with the quality and the functionality but have always needed to spend money elsewhere than on one of the best straps on the market!

  6. ooh I would love The BlackRapid R-Strap Limited Edition sling camera strap.  I love the strap because of the sliding feature.  It means I won’t accidentally drop my camera, it will be easily accessible, and when I’m not using it, my camera is out of the way so that it doesn’t bump into anything when I bend forward.  And I can bet it’s less strain on the neck and shoulders.

  7. I often carry my camera across my torso to shoulder when walking to make it easier to carry my other gear. great to see that someone has come up with a solution by allowing you so slide the camera into the right position 🙂

  8. i can see this slider system on the limited edition R-Strap is going to make my life a lot easier taking photos while flying my slope gliders…


    Doing a shoot with 2 DSLR’s is bit of a schlep carrying them
    around , especially when shooting a wedding.
    Love the whole concept of the snapR, it’s quick, convenient and just looks

    No dropping of an expensive camera and damaging you lens.
    Just really need one!

  10. Having quick and easy access to your camera is every photographers dream and the ease with which BlackRapid SnapR camera bags have achieved this is revolutionary = safe but available quickly when you need it !!!!! All the products look amazing but the SnapR35 would suit me the best though in terms of space for my camera.

  11. the pure simplicity of having the camera readily available in such a short time makes it quite the admired strap to really have on you — later days

  12. I spend much time shooting at festivals and in crowds of people, so the slider system would mean uninterrupted camera access with a single hand. The R-Strap Limited Edition would suit my camera.

  13. I use two camera bodies and it would be so useful to know one is secure while I am using the other…I would love the black R-strap limited edition.Speed and security are my favourite features. If I could only choose one favourite feature it would be “security”.

  14. My favorite is the sling feature as
    I sometimes end up with at least one little kid very annoyed because the camera bumped an arm, chest or sometimes maybe even a head while trying to position them with my camera dangling from a very strained neck.  The R-Strap Limited Edition would be awesome.

  15. Oh my goodness!!!!!! I soooooo need a Snap R35 bag! This will come in SUPER handy while taking wedding photos – hands free AND nice storage for those extra batteries  AND it will protect my camera from the sand and dust here in the Namib dunes! BEST thing eva!

  16. R-strap!!! Peace of mind that my camera is secure and easy access to use my camera when I need it most. It leaves me focusing on…. focusing!

  17. BlackRapid has come up with a WINNER here! The combination of exceptional design and effective securing technology makes this a “must-have” product.
    Favourite feature: Secure accessibility
    Preferred product: R-Strap Limited Edition

  18. It’s a camera bag and strap all in one!  I currently have a Canon Ixus but looking for an additional camera that will allow me to do some really close up shots as well as have the capability to take great wide angle shots.  My new camera – once decided upon (any suggestions???) – will have a proud place in a SnapR 🙂

  19. Would really love one of those R-strap limited edition, would be great for travelling. Useful to conceal your camera and easy to wip it out at the rigt time for that great street photography shot!

  20. I would so love to win a SNAP R 35 bag! It looks so chic and I can fit my camera and zoom lens into it. At the moment I’m carrying my camera in a camera bag and the zoom lens in its box. Doesn’t look cool at all!
    The bag looks really stylish and I love the fact that it can hold a camera and video camera. In my case though … camera and zoom lens?
    Hope I win!

  21. I would really love the R-Strap Limited Edition, and a close second would be the R20. BlackRapid seems to have a sturdy design and the accessibility features are what grab my attention.

  22.  Woah. The R-Strap Limited Edition, is everything im looking for in a strap. I have been using the default canon strap and it just isn’t working any more. Favourite feature would have to be the slider design feature. Super fast and ergonomic. Too much to say dream come true? haha 🙂

  23. Really Love the R-Strap Limited Edition. I have liked the Orm Direct facebook page and I am also following @OrmsDirect on  twitter. I have tweeted the competition post & shared it to my facebook profile.
    My twittername: online61524

    @telkomsa:disqus Holding thumbs for this awesome giveaway!

  24. “What is your favourite feature of BlackRapid’s products?” 

    Well, it’d have to be the
    R-Strap – it’s modelled for the Digital SLR’s – offering me convenience and style…And the fact that it would make me look bad-ass (er) is an added bonus =)

  25. This product will really put my mind at ease, because i am afraid of dropping my camera by accident. This is a great idea and a brilliant product, especially for any photographer. I reckon it is a must-have. if i dont win this, i would definitely be on the look out for it, when i shop again for gear.

  26. The best feature has got to be how quickly you can get your camera out, just one easy action instead of unpacking a whole bag. I would love to get my paws on the R-Strap Limited Edition

  27. This is a must have for the modern day digital photographer!
    Would love to win myself one of the BlackRapid Camera Straps, i know it will help me stop scratching my screen and the most important feature, i can take my camera anywhere and it will always be right by my side! 

  28. Love the rugged construction design of the straps, and the ease of access they allow through the ingenious sliding attachment to the strap itself!

    R-Strap Limited Edition please…

  29. BlackRapid RS-Sport Extreme Sport Camera Strap.

    It will make sure my camera stay attached to my body when I am diving out of the way of car loosing it’s way off the track. I often take a bit tumble when the cars go crazy. At least this will keep my gear and I attached. 

  30. I use a 200-400 Nikon Zoomlens on a R strap – it works very well. Good weight distribution, heavy camera on the side and out of the way, but easy accessible when needed. I can recommend it!

  31. Freedom to do what i love and live for.
    photography is no longer a passion – its a way of life –
    i see inspiration through my lense and share that with other.
    having a strap as versatile as this – would allow me to focus on the most important part of taking out a beautiful picture – admiring and taking the scene itself.

     R-Strap Limited Edition

  32. For me, the beauty of the BlackRapid straps is in the construction and materials. I love that the straps are designed ergonomically, and done so for both men and women. The company makes different straps for each gender to fit our unique body types. That shows me that they are paying attention to the details. And as the saying goes, “God is on the details”.

  33. I love the fact that I can keep my gear on my body at all times, and not have to put it down just anywhere when I need to! Don’t want to carry the bag everywhere, so having gear on easy access is a big plus!

  34. BlackRapid R-Strap Limited Edition

    I be shure that this photo accessory is a revolutionary and unique improvement for pro-photographers who need quick access to camera and no matter what is the weight of your photo gear – this strap can help you think about your shots not about your camera. Thanks and sorry for bad english (:

  35. I like that you can keep mobile with you camera gear, without worrying about a strap sliding off your shoulder, and still have fast access to your camera!

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