Get an upgrade from that that dodgy old tripod – Enter this month’s giveaway to stand a chance of winning a Manfrotto tripod!

Update Friday 23 March 2012 13:21PM:

And the winner is… Desray! Congratulations!

Desray wrote: “The closed length, light weight and its stability makes this tripod an awesome piece of equipment to have to capture those perfect moments.”

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Update Friday 23 March 2012 12:25PM: The competition is now closed. Thanks for all the comments and good luck to everyone!

Hi everyone, this week we’re giving away an awesome Manfrotto tripod kit worth R1,395! To stand a chance of winning, read the rules carefully and leave a comment on this blog post!

Photo by Matt.

The Manfrotto MK294A3-D3RC2 is a three section kit combined with a detachable 804RC2 3-way head. The tripod can safely take a load of up to 4 kilograms (suitable for most regular DSLR setups), and extends up to a maximum height of 1,81 meters, or 1,52 meters with the centre column down. The 3-way panhead is ideal for landscapes or panoramas.

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“What do you like about Manfrotto’s range of tripods?”

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Connect Giveaway: Manfrotto 294 Tripod Kit

  1. As a long time user of Manfrotto tripods, I especially like the build quality and sturdiness of them. They are lightweight, ultra stable and easy to get replacement bits for at Orms 😉 (I have lost the baseplate a few times for one of my tripods). All of this makes Manfrotto the only real choice that I will consider when buying a tripod

  2. I love the solid design and durability of Manfrottos tripods, they are very simply put together and thus easy to use too which is a huge plus. Their range is versatile and always advancing to offer photographers great new features and new ways to shoot.

  3. As a student, it is difficult to not get caught up with what kind of equipment to buy that will last a ‘lifetime’ and when looking at tri-pods, Manfrotto is always a reliable name that comes up every time. 

  4. The best part about Manfrotto tripods is that they are stable enough to use outdoors on uneven surfaces, but still light enough to carry around to the remote places we need it for those fabulous long exposures.

  5. When i first came across the “MANFROTTO’ it was something just to understand the name, Once i was introduced to  our “man .. frotto”and then demo … there does not seem to be even  a close second tripod range!!!

  6. What i like the most is that Manfrotto offers a complete Support System, that consists out of a wide range of professional solutions ready to support me in every and any
    condition. Manfrotto offers a perfectly suited kit for ALL my
    needs that comes with a piece of mind that my camera is always securely supported. The pod that extends up to a maximum height of 1,81 meters, is ideal for my height and The 3-way panhead is ideal for landscapes or panoramas. I will forever be a Manfrottlady <3

  7. Manfrotto’s range of tripods – a time honoured reputation for great quality, practicality, reliability and backup.  A delight to use in any photographic situation. There’s nothing like it..!

  8. I love Manfrotto Tripods because of their build quality, sturdiness, and the ease with which they slot into any photographer’s level of kit. The word “Manfrotto” has become synonymous with “tripod” in my dictionary – there is simply no better alternative.

  9. I love Manfrotto Tripods because of their build quality, sturdiness, and the ease with which they slot into any photographer’s level of kit. The word “Manfrotto” has become synonymous with “tripod” in my dictionary – there is simply no better alternative.

  10. it’s strong, but lightweight which is a huge factor for me.  i can’t carry a heavy tripod around and because of the weight of my camera and lens i need something that can take the stress without failing me.

  11. All my life I loved photography and eventually enrolled for a photography course a few months ago. (I am now 50 years). Landscapes are my favorite topic. I understand that MANFROTTO tripods are absolutely the best and a must have! I would love having one!

  12. I really like the look and quality of the manfrotto tripod and will be absolutely perfect as my1st proper tripod photo shoots will be such a breeze if i had one of these:)

  13. This I have to say in Afrikanns: Dit is ‘n MRNEER van ‘n tripod wat hier gewen kan word en as ek my nuwe Canon 7D op hom staangemaak het,  kan ek maar gerus wees. Hy sal hom kan dra!!

  14. They are simply the best, steady, indestructible, no matter which series you have,it will outperform your wildest expectations of a tripod!  Designers tho think of the working photographer and not about fancy useless features!

  15. Manfrotto’s range is incredible quality, sturdy, sexy, life long products!! I am a student, huge fan and client of Orms, passionate and talented photographer, media intern, and have never had the privilege of owning a Manfrotto tripod!! I would go crazy and be so thrilled if I could win a tripod! I will advertise and tell everyone to purchase te products!! The Manfrotto products are truly a treasure to own!!!!!

  16. Manfrotto: a name that makes you think of reliability and durability, two qualities that are very important to the professional photographer on the go. 

  17. Manfrotto is the only PRO tripod make that I know about. All the photographers that I know uses Manfrotto, and thus I would also like to join this elite club! of good quality and just pure excellence…

  18. There’s a reason most pro photographers have a Manfrotto tripod somewhere in their kit – they’re uber-stable, sturdy, and stylish. What I like about this 290 range, apart from the overall Manfrotto guaranteed reliability, is the fact that the units aren’t over-heavy and also that the heads are removable and therefore capable of being upgraded over time. As someone who currently owns a pretty awful ‘starter’ tripod and is keen to improve their landscape photography skills, I would be over the moon to own a Manfrotto, and this 294 would be a great asset to me. 

  19. Young eager photographer joins in professional partnership
    with respected Manfrotto family. Manfrotto’s sleek appearance; reliable,
    durable performance and innovative features guarantee this to be a long
    lasting, prosperous relationship. Aside from their precision and versatility in
    the field, Manfrotto also have the BEST LEGS IN THE BUSINESS!  

  20. Manfrotto’s tripods have proven their quality, usability and versatility over time in hands of both professional and amateur photographers. Strong, lightweight materials provide stability and portability, and the pan-heads have a wonderfully smooth action.

  21. I like that the range cater for almost any photographic task. I like the quick release system. I like the range of heads and accesories. They are solidly put together and is affordable. I like the finishing and the fact that we are spoilt for choice

  22. You guys have the most amazing shop in Cape Town!!! I always check online for new specials, new gear and I love your trade in section for used equipment. Keep up the good work. 

  23. I like the fact that their tripods are more durable than the previous Old School tripods I ended up buying from hospice shops in the past. These old tripods sometimes auto-tilt the camera downwards like a unhappy Pixar lamp. Which in-turn makes me unhappy.

  24. Manfrotto.. love there stuff! Have a monopod and now simply just need a tripod to make life that lil easier, high quality, durable, and easy to use equipment that I can rely on!

  25. The Manfrotto tripod range is comprehensive covering the most important functions of a tripod, being sturdy and versatility allowing for different situations and their varying requirements.

  26. I like Manfrotto’s bomb-proof build quality and the no-frills design. My night-time photography has not been the same since I had to sell my Manfrotto tripod and 3-way head when I was cash-strapped a few years back. Holding a camera still when doing 30 second exposures is proving a bit tricky without it LOL.

  27. I love Manfrotto as they are very versatile tripods.

    I’ve been working within the industry for close on two years now and I’ve not been able to find another range of tripods that literally put the Rand in brand.The look, the feel and most of all, the quality is there in the results…

    Top notch stuff!

  28. I’m a young photographer whose just finished studying photography. Unfortunately my tripods are not nearly as stable or encompass the quality of manfrotto equipment!
    Landscapes are my passion, so without a stable tripod it isnt easy struggling against the Cape Doctor – a Manfrotto 294 Tripod would sort that problem out!

  29. Based on the adventurous landscapes we often shoot on, the Manfrotto tripod clearly demonstrates the ability to be used as a credible tool of self defense, based on it’s sturdy but light weight design. A definite conversation starter as it’s Made in Italy where both Puccini and  the girl from ‘Who’s the Boss’ is from. Not since that show has Alyssa Milano found a role that better defines her, much like Manfrotto, “sure we make other stuff, but our tripods are what we are best known for.” Like all premium photography products, using a Manfrotto tripod immediately gives you respect from your photography brethren and even more so if you bought it at Orms.

  30. I own Manfrotto Pro B tripod and use it extensively for seascapes…’s been in sea water so many times i can’t count and just keeps going.Would love a second one for the second body!

  31. I love taking panoramic shots, so “The 3-way panhead (is) ideal for landscapes or panoramas” is something which appeals to me.
    Of course, the tripod will also simply help hugely with lining the shots up perfectly without shake! 🙂

  32. The three-way panhead is an epic function of this Manfrotto tripod, allowing for some epic landscape shots and provides the stability to play with shutter speeds and create magic!

  33. Manfrotto is reliable, easy to use, there is one for everyone . I don’t own one as jet but has used fellow photographer’s and I think the fact that they are easy to use and can take harch conditions makes them the best. You can trust it to kieep your camera upright 🙂

  34. Lino Manfrotto had an idea when he first made the tripod, to get crisp, sharp images and to have a hands free choice when applicable. I love the tripods because of their trusted stable and tough bodies meaning you can take them anywhere and everywhere you need to, to get that perfect shot!! I would love to win this tripod!!

  35. They’re really easy to use, look good and have a good weight ratio. I got the MP1-C01 tabletop tripod for Christmas – my close-up family photographs have never looked better! Nothwithstanding the excellent service we get at ORMS!!!!

  36. It is important for any photographer or filmmaker to have a solid and reliable tripod and that’s exactly what you’ll find in a Manfrotto. With such an extensive range of quality tripods, you’ll get exactly what you looking for! Awesome giveaway Orms!

  37. I like Manfrotto tripods because they’re light, stable and they have great ergonomics and solid build quality, what more could you possibly want?  If you can imagine a great picture, Manfrotto will have a tripod that’ll help you get it.

  38. I bought the Canon EOS 600D bundle in August 20111 from Orms because I wanted to take photos of our baby daughter and it was amazing to see the Manfrotto range at Orms.
    As a novice I was’nt sure which tripods to choose but based the professional assistance that I received made it all so easy to comprehend. The 294 Tripod Kit is a great set of “legs”, and yes I am learning the lingo as well.
    I like the weight and the sturdyness. My hats off to Manfrotto for a great product and also for attending to our needs. Now, if only I can get my hands on one because I am spending all my cash diapers.

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