Convert your telephoto lenses into spotting scopes with the Tonta Lens2Scope eyepiece – Now available at Orms!

With a Tonta Lens2Scope eyepiece, you can use your existing telephoto lenses as spotting scopes for wildlife, boating and even stargazing.

The Lens2Scope is a lightweight optical eyepiece which comes in both Canon EF-mount versions and Nikon F-mount versions. You can also choose between 7mm f/4 or 10mm f/4 optics, which provide two different magnification levels. For example, a 70-200mm lens mounted to a 10mm f/4 Lens2Scope creates a 7-20x spotting scope, while the same lens on a 7mm f/4 Lens2Scope creates a 10-29x spotting scope. See the diagram below for more details:

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Lens2Scope 10mm 1:4 Angled Eyepiece (Nikon F Mount)
Lens2Scope 10mm 1:4 Angled Eyepiece (Canon EF Mount)
Lens2Scope 7mm WIDE Angled Eyepiece (Nikon F Mount)
Lens2Scope 7mm WIDE Angled Eyepiece (Canon EF Mount)

Product shots

*Please note that we only have the black and angled versions of the Lens2Scope in stock.


Convert Your Telephoto Lenses Into Scopes

    1. Hi Francois, as far as we can tell the Lens2Scope adapters are suitable for any EF or F mount lenses – there aren’t any problematic elements that protrude out of the adaptor, like teleconverters. If you’d like, we can test the adapter on a 100-400mm and let you know?

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